Lifestyle Advice from a Small Pink Bunny Part 5, Lemons. Comic #122

The strange bias in our culture against receiving lemons has always struck me as odd. If life gives you a fragrant source of vitamin C that is an essential ingredient in many Mediterranean cuisines, from a tree that needs an adequate supply of water and can be killed by the frost, add a lot of sugar! I feel like it must be a fairly recent saying that started with cheap industrialized food or a saying that started with the clueless and wealthy. If life gives you a three course banquet, chew thoroughly. If dry cleaning your shirts becomes too expensive, get your wife to do it!

Lifestyle Advice Transcript:

Bunson Hoppydew: If life gives you lemons

Bunson is under a lemon tree, heavy with fruit. A lemon has just landed on top of Bunson’s head.
Bunson: You might be under a lemon tree

Bunson is sitting in between the two Things who have big baskets of lemons around their necks.
Bunson: Or have really nice neighbors.

Bunson sitting in a large bowl of lemons with the two Things.