What are the genders of your characters?

In this comic, main characters will tell you and tell you how they feel when they get misgendered (it varies from character to character).

Is it problematic to have characters that have “no color” in a world that defaults to whiteness?

Yes! Yes it is, and it’s something I think about a lot when I make decisions about when pages are full-color or partial color where I vary the color palette chosen for them. Sometimes when I’m really tired I’ll still do something full-color just to mix it up. I think  I do find it cool when different people read different colors into the Things. Sometimes they are ghostly transparent; one person imagines them as grey, which I really like. The fact that we do not live in a gender neutral, skin tone, morphology, ethnicity, class-neutral world is something I think about and try to engage with in different ways and spaces through the full body of my creative work—encountering people’s defaults and trying to create entities that are truly beyond the norms of the kyriarchy means that I find myself thinking about the kyriarchy a lot!

How can I support you?

Spread the word! When you see my art floating around in the wild please send people a link to here so they can source it properly!

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