39: face off (sole off?)

I drew this on the plane home from LA! Don’t worry, things will be in the comic tomorrow 🙂 Transcript Bunson in Boot and Sock in Skate stare at each other. Skate aggressively stands on its toe stop and looms […]

38: Shoes

Transcript Bunson sitting in Boot. Bunson: This is my shoe. Bunson and Sock stare at each other. Sock rides into in Skate, who is doing a wheelie.

34: A Good Day 2

First drawing using my new Hand Stylus. Transcript Sock sits in Boot. Sock is upside down with head in Boot. Sock hiding behind Boot. Sock sitting on top of Boot. Socks have good days too.

33: A Good Day

Transcript Bunson Hoppydew sits in a boot. Bunson Hoppydew, upside down with his head in a boot. Bunson hiding behind a boot. Bunson sitting on top of boot with his fluffy tail pointed towards us. It was a good day.

17: Wearing Socks

  I was almost ready to export to photo library when sketchbook crashed. Crashed so hard it randomly deleted FOUR layers – leaving me with the original scratchy sketch and the most recent layer I had created. What did that […]

16: Fulfillment of Socks

  Thanks to Emily and Andrew for inspiring this comic. Transcript Thing 1 & Thing 2: We have a sock. Thing 1: Socks need something Thing 2: Something we’re missing *Boot appears; Things smile*


Transcript Pronouns Things: We use they or them or zir or ze. Narrator: What if someone says he or she?Thing 1: ummmmThing 2: It depends.Thing 1: I worry about reactions sometimes.Thing 2: It’s awkward.Thing 1: Tell them?Thing 2: Ignore it?Thing […]