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Making a Bunny

My plan is to update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but a little extra content never hurt anyone 😉 Here’s some Tuesday art for you. Developing a good way of drawing BuNSOn wasn’t automatic, and I’m sure his shape will continue to mature. Here are two pages of concept sketches as I honed in on […]

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26: Ears

Today’s comic was inspired by Emily Jiang. ’cause I said heeeeelp! Internets inspire me, and this is what happened. Transcript: Thing 1: Do we have ears? Bunson: I have ears Thing 2: I have a bunny

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24: Legs Appear

BuNSOn Hoppydew – this comic is for you. I’m exploring new iPad software called Procreate. It seems to be much more stable than Sketchbook, but – well as you can see it’s a struggle and it doesn’t seem to like exporting as a particularly high res image. Still, it’s a process and I’m happy to […]

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Transcript Pronouns Things: We use they or them or zir or ze. Narrator: What if someone says he or she?Thing 1: ummmmThing 2: It depends.Thing 1: I worry about reactions sometimes.Thing 2: It’s awkward.Thing 1: Tell them?Thing 2: Ignore it?Thing 1: Go dancing?Thing 2: It depends on the person and mood. Bunson Hoppydew: I use […]

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