I read on my phone on the way to derby practice that E. Catherine Tobler was having a competition on her website of the, it’s my birthday! Post a comment win a prize variety. I always feel shy responding to a challenge like that, like I’m taking advantage of someone, even though I know how thrilling and delightful it is to have people visit your website and say hello.

I was drumming up my courage to post a comment when I noticed that she said, “Comment, drawing, free book.” Drawing, I can do a drawing! It is only now, as I write this blogpost that I realize that by drawing she meant the draw of, you know, prizes.

Good thing I didn’t figure that out until after I’d done rough sketches of a bunch of steampunkian gothic pumpkin cats! I’ll finish them off as a comic later – if you want to see the sketches noodle on over to Ms Tobler’s website and enter the competition while you are there.