Hi there,

I’m sorry there’s been such a delay between updates. I’m so lucky to have wonderful readers and I’m working on a fresh comic right now.

In other news, thanks to a wonderful reader request, I’ve added Canadian shipping options. There are general shipping options and a special shipping option for one comic book.

As a reminder, Australian readers can order their comics from the fabulous folks at Impact Comics. They are some of my favorite people in comics. The first time I got on a bus to a comics convention (Supanova) I sat next to this great guy who was also going to Supanova. Mal had this wonderful vision for how comic book stores should be welcoming, support trade paperbacks, manga and more diverse readers. It’s so cool to know someone when they have a vision and then see then bring it to life. So support your local, or at least in the same country, comic store.

Thank you for stopping by