Transcripts and experiment thoughts

Thanks again to Sandra Odell for writing transcripts, I couldn’t do it without you.

Adding the transcripts also revealed to me that in the website migration “Thinking Things” had not come across correctly and was a duplicate of a different comic. If you’ve never read the real “Thinking Things” you can now!

I’m resisting creative work today (hence the much needed administrative work) and comic 98 “Imagine” seems particularly appropriate.

It’s also interesting, in this month of line weight experimentation, to look at what my artwork looked like a year and a half ago! I’m still not sure what I think of line weight. I think about the emotion of lines, I think about light sources, but I’m not sure I’m executing those thoughts in any consistent way. I need to study more artists and explore work flow as well (the way line weight happens digitally is _very_ different to how it happens with pen and paper _especially_ when you’re using pretty cheap technology!)

Thank you for keeping my company while I conduct experiments. Your thoughts and prompts are welcome!