Updates to the website

I hope you like the new look. I’m finally getting brave enough to fiddle with the website’s appearance. I’m using the Comic Easel Plugin and Theme, the child theme is Desert. I’ve heard there are some awesome sauce CSS editing tools, so I’m holding off diving into that land until I’ve figured out if I should be using some fancy plugin.

Updates completed

  • Draw and upload a header
  • Select a Comic Easel child theme that goes with the color scheme of my new header
  • Draw and upload a background image (it was supposed to be a textured orange, appears more like a solid orange, but I’m ok with that)
  • Realize I forgot to write down what widgets I had were and drag new things into the columns. Fiddle around with widgets (things that display nifty things in the column, like display random column or bookmark).
  • Realize the wordpress.org page for Comics Easel has shortcodes listed in the description, rejoice and create an archive easily.
  • Create a character list as well, but I have to do a bunch of work before it’s fit to share with the public

To do

  • Make cute forwards, backwards and random buttons.
  • Figure out how to get them to display in CSS
  • Fiddle with the fonts and make the menu look prettier
  • Fix the character list, create bios and bio pics
  • Update the mid section of comics so that the comic thumbnail displays properly
  • Fiddle with featured image size? Are the comics displaying too big?
  • and I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what my brain’s got right now.