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A Things comics collection to call your own.

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Hello World is now entirely sold out in this store. Impact Comics in Australia will get the last nine copies in May 2023!

Things Without, now ready to thrust into the hands of a friend or flick through independent of batteries or wifi!

I invited J.D. Lunt to curate this collection so that it would provide a unique experience, independent of the website. As the creator of the comic it has been amazing to see how someone else sees the comic and experience the Things with fresh eyes.

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I do.

From the wonderful intro J.D. wrote: “Kindness is tricky. You need an openness of spirit and a stiffness of spine to really practice kindness. Kindness is not passive nor is it always that gentle. Sometimes the kindest path is saying or doing what you really don’t want to. Liz Argall gets it. With her immensely entertaining and profound Things Without Arms and Without Legs – A Comic About Creatures Who Are Kind, Liz shows us kindness as a form of activism.”

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