Liz doll made by Lisa and Eris
Liz doll made by Lisa and Eris

Liz Argall made this. She also writes fiction and love letters to inanimate objects. She uses she/her pronouns, but doesn’t mind if you use they/them. She is a neurodiverse human in more than one way, and has a complicated relationship with labels. Labels can be reductive, expansive, and finding the correct labels for yourself can be an amazing thing. She has a hypermobility spectrum disorder (HSD).

She lives in Seattle, but her heart misses the big silly birds of Australia.

Bibliography (and links to free fiction)

Objects of Love – these love letters to inanimate objects in the form of poetry, songs, actual love letters and the occasional illustration.

HSDs are massively under diagnosed and it can be difficult to get an actual formal diagnosis (though even an informal diagnosis can be massively empowering). Sussex EDS Society lists the common signs and symptoms of EDS and HSD as:

Acute and persistent pain syndromes, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E, osteoarthritis, eating issues, Gastrointestinal Issues,  gastroparesis, bowel and bladder issues, Raynaud’s phenomenon, anxiety, allergies (different types can be severe such as anaphylaxis) and autism.  Plus separate symptoms in EDS/HSD of multiple dislocations, tendon and ligament ruptures, muscle rigidity, spasms, myofascial pain, macro and micro tears. Some people have rarer types that affect the vascular system, heart or brain. Often people with EDS/HSD can have very smooth, thick skin that is young looking or very fragile, thin skin that bruises and tears easily.