Things: We use they or them or zir or ze.

Narrator: What if someone says he or she?
Thing 1: ummmm
Thing 2: It depends.
Thing 1: I worry about reactions sometimes.
Thing 2: It’s awkward.
Thing 1: Tell them?
Thing 2: Ignore it?
Thing 1: Go dancing?
Thing 2: It depends on the person and mood.

Bunson Hoppydew: I use he, him, his.

Narrator: What if someone used she?
Bunson: I would laugh!
Bunson: And we’d eat cake
Bunson: or dance
Bunson: or both!

Mayara: I use she and her.

Narrator: What if someone said he?
Mayara: I’d think they’re jealous of my beautiful hair.

Narrator: And if they called you it?
Mayara: I might bite them.

Boot: Pronouns are what people use when they can’t remember your name.

Boot: I am Boot.

Sock is non-verbal.

Sock is great, and excellent company.

I don’t know if sock has a concept of gender, or how Sock constructs concepts of self or others, it’d feel intrusive to assume.

Narrator to the new doodle entity: Hello! How do you like to be referred to?

Doodle creature: Hello!

Doodle creature wearing a hat: I like your hat!