Thanks Andy

Thanks Andy, it was fun playing with you.

Guest Comic: Andy Romine (3 of 3… for now). Unique.

Andy: A little secret. This is actually the first strip I drew. I guess it pays to know your ending before you start, hm?

I’ve always loved how the Things are affirming and supportive of each other, no matter what crisis befalls them (existential or otherwise). I like to think that no matter which multiverse we’ve incarnated in, kind, supportive souls surround us. Maybe they’re all incarnations of the same souls, inevitably glomming together no matter the universe…

Hey, I’ve had a blast here at Things Without… this week. Thanks so much to Liz Argall for inviting me to post a few strips while she takes a much deserved break. Thanks to all of you for reading, and come back to see more of Liz’s wise and wonderful Things!



Liz/Creator of the Things:
Thank you so much for being our guest artist this week. It’s been so much fun to see the Things have a vacation in the hands of someone who I know has a good Thingey heart. Having a holiday means that I’ve sketched out three more comics already, it feels good to get ahead like that! Don’t forget to check out Andy’s website!

If you enjoy Big Hero 6 (especially some of the promo teasers, and Big Hero 6’s squishy skin) or Andy’s generous guest comic run with us make sure you tell him!

🙂 <3 <3 <3 <3

Guest Comic: Andy Romine (1 of 3). Infinity.

Thanks Andy (Andrew Penn) Romine !

Andy did Clarion West in Seattle 2010, Liz is Clarion at UCSD in 2009, and they both went to Launchpad Astronomy Workshop in 2013. He’s a super nice guy with nifty brains too and he makes excellent beverages. Andy’s fiction appears online at Lightspeed Magazine, Paizo and Crossed Genres as well as in the anthologies Fungi, What Fates Impose, By Faerie Light and the forthcoming Coins of Chaos. You can find his full list of publications at the Bibliography link.

He’s also contributed articles to Lightspeed Magazine and Fantasy Magazine and blogs at Inkpunks and at Functional Nerds (as the Booze Nerd). You can also follow his day-to-day adventures on Twitter: @inkgorilla. A lot of this info was stolen from his About page, go check out his website.