434: Balancing Act


Liz balances most of the folks from the things world in a giant inverted pyramid starting with sock on her face.

Thing 1: Are you…
Thing 2: Comfy?

Liz: I can take it.
Thing 2: But do you want to take it.

Liz: I want to be useful
Thing 2: And, ummm.

Thing 1: How is this useful?
Liz: I’d tell you, but it’s hard to think with this pain in my neck.

430: All In!

The original version did not have cake, but when I showed the first draft to my sweetie he said it needed cake. When I added the cake I drew three candles, because that felt like a nice number. I then wondered if I should draw a number of calendars that represented something… and you know what? The Things were created in June 2012 and the first comic strip went live on a website on June 27 2012! I can’t believe it.

Happy Pre-Birthday Things!

Who would have thought that a Clarion Write-a-thon challenge would have turned into such an ongoing and unfolding creature! I remember when I got to twenty and thought “ughhh, there are no more ideas, how on EARTH will I EVER get this webcomic to 60?

I should do something for their birthday, but what? Anyone have any suggestions?

Liz is now balancing on her face sock, chuffles the balloon unicorn, pumpkin cat, flower, mayara, monorail bunny, a cake with candles lit, Mumma Tanking Bear, Maggie, Rollerskate and Boot. The sun is very close! The Things look on.