85: Try

Their creator came up with this phrase while learning skating skills valuable in Roller Derby (trying to master transitions aka mowhawks), so a shout out of love to the fun learning environments of Potential Fresh Meat and Rat City’s Recreational Program. She’s in awe and terror of figure skaters who learn how to do this stuff without ALL THE PROTECTIVE GEAR.


Thing 2: I can’t do it!

Thing 2: That doesn’t mean I should’t try

Thing 1: have you done it?

Thing 2: I don’t know

84: Beginners’ Minds

83: Tasty Mind

Oh the curious challenge of cultivating a beginner’s mind.


A sprout appears at the top of Thing 2’s head.

The sprout turns into a flower.

The flower head has gone.

Thing 2 sprouts another flower out the top of their head

That flower had goes again as well.

Bunson Hoppydew, Boot, and Thing 2 all have flowers in their mouths.
Thing 2: It is delicious!