425: Awkward Development

I love the idea of a growth mindset, being ok with challenge and failure and not knowing is the only reason the Things exist. It’s so easy to forget how much has come before.

Liz isn’t there yet and that’s ok. Or as Bunson would put it, PHEW! We’re not there yet.


Thing 2: Bye!
Liz: back in a bit
Thing 2: Wow! I’m glad we never went through an awkward development phase
Things remember early comics (and there are many more varieties of awkward)
Thing 1: heh
Thing 2: yeah

417: Holiday!

This comic was drawn at a loverly holiday house!


Bunson Hoppydew dances and speaks:

A change is as good as a holiday

though a holiday is fantastic

for inspiring change

and getting the energy for change

so really, in conclusion

A HOLIDAY is as good as a holiday ^_^