Art from the Heart, Abstract Interlude

As part of my Art from the Heart presentation at Orycon Creation Station’s OR e-con, I ran folks, including myself, through a new exercise. I was wondering if the prompts could help create interesting stuff that could help bring the weird to comics. It was cool to see what folks did, creating visualizations of different things or creating a lovely narrative across four panels.

This is what I created… and I think it will help bring some weird to the Things! Stay tuned!

422: Return of the Revenge of the Hands, Part Two!

It is a very strange feeling to put yourself in your own webcomic!


Thing 1: Do we step on it?

Thing 2: That might make it angry

A scraggly haired human comes out of the hole in the ground.

Human: Hi

Thing 2: It talks!

Thing 1: What are you?

Human: I draw you!

142: Summer Day

Ah glorious summer day, when all you want to do is go outside and snooze in the sun… you hear me Seattle? Glorious summer day! I drew it on a sunny day, but clearly it must be overcast when I post it. On the plus side my garden won’t need watering. I have the second crop of rocket coming up and tender leafed lettuce at the awkward teenager stage. We live in an apartment, but have a large enough balcony that we haven’t bought salad for a month!

141: Lifestyle Advice from a Small Pink Bunny – Batman

Inspired by the fabulous way Shortpacked interprets Batman and this popular meme.

137: Tasty?

Don’t you hate it when you have a cunning plan and then you forget what it was? Previous hand things.

136: Juggle

Guess who’s been practicing? Practicing a lot. 🙂