406: That Word


Thing 2: There should be a word for the regretful feeling
when you have a great idea that you don’t write down
and forget

Thing 1: I had a word for that!

Thing 2: but you forgot it?
Thing 1: yup!

111: Wait Nine Seconds – Part 3

How are you feeling?


Thing 1: I have an answer

Thing 2: How are you feeling?

Thing 1: I’m feeling the ground beneath my feet, soft pebbles & gritty sand. My belly feels purple…and yellow.

Thing 1: My left eye is a little lonely & scratchy, but my right eye is happy. And I’m glad you asked.

110: Wait Nine Seconds – Part 2


Thing 2: Are you still thinking about the question?

The Things look at each other.

Thing 1: yes

Thing 2: me too!

109: Wait Nine Seconds – Part 1

Wait Nine Seconds part 1-3 was inspired by Bruce Livingston’s TEDx talk at Concordia University in Portland. Bruce is the founder of PlayWrite. How often when we ask a question, of a child, of a student, of ourselves are we prepared to sit with uncomfortable silence? How long are we willing to wait to sit and listen and let an answer grow?


Thing 2: well, do you have an answer?

The Things look at each other.

The Things look at each other some more.

Thing 1: I like thinking about the question

98: Imagine

This is what my creative process often feels like.


Thing 2: I like to imagine

Thing 2: That I have an imagination

Thing 2 looks up into the air.

Thing 2: sometimes it works