411: Maggie

Maggie is a pretty special bunny and good friend to T. She is wise, loving and an excellent listener.



Boot: No one wants

to hug a boot

Maggie the washcloth bunny doll floats down and hugs Boot

Boot: Sigh…

And now I get to be wrong too.

131: Wrong

Poor Things.


Thing 1 and 2 are hanging out together

Thing 1: There are things wrong with the world

Thing 1: I think it’s my fault

Thing 2: Would you like a hug?

Thing 1: Yes
The Things rest their heads against each other.

66: Clown Hugs


The Things are hugging. Thing 2 is wearing a clown costume.

The Things continue to hug.

Thing 2: Are clown hugs better?

Thing 1: your hugs are the best

61: Wasted Hugs?


Thing 1 and 2 are hanging out togeher.
Thing 1: I didn’t earn those hugs

Thing 1: I licked the electric fence I wasted those hugs

They look at each other.

The two Things head boop.
Thing 2: I like hugging you

60: Hugs 2

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59: Do NOT Lick the Electric Fence


Thing 1 stares into the distance. Their mouth is open and they have rings around their eyes

Thing 1 stares into the distance. Their mouth is open and they have even bigger rings around their eyes

Thing 1 stares into the distance. Their mouth is still open the same way, although the rings around their eyes have faded.

Their mouth is still agape, though in a slightly different position.
The Electric

Thing 1 has closed their mouth, though they are still looking off into the distance.

Thing 1 and 2 are hugging. Thing 1 is still a little cross eyed from the experience.


58: More Hugs


Thing 2: I got a hug

Thing 2: but I lost it some where

Thing 1: I can give you another one!

Thing 2: yeah?

Thing 1: yeah
The Things lean their heads on each other.

52: Dreams


The Things, Bunson Hoppydew, Sock, Boot and Skate are all snoozing happily together.
We Dream of You

50: Sleep


Thing 1: zzz
Thing 2: I can’t sleep

Thing 1: zzz
Thing 2: I’m too sad too worried too grumpy too stupid too lazy too tired + not enough

Thing 1: zzz
Thing 2: Things I have done + haven’t done I don’t know what to do

Thing 1: zzzz
Thing 1 snuggles onto Thing 2 in its sleep. Thing 2 smiles.