352: Moon

I wrote about Kennedy’s speech in 2009. It came up again at the Museum of Flight. Still relevant.

57: Moon 2


Bunson Hoppydew sits in a crescent moon. A ladder is at the base of the moon and Sock is on the ladder.

56: Moon


Thing 1 has a small pointy shape behind it’s back
Thing 1: oh moon

A little bit more of a curvy shape is visible behind Thing 1
Thing 1: It was so pretty up there

More of a crescent shape is visible behind Thing 2
Thing 2: maybe you should put it back

A crescent moon is visible behind Thing 2’s back.
Thing 1: yeah

54: Cake part 2


The Things are on the moon, the earth is rising behind them. Bunson is in the background eating a slice of cake.
Thing 1: Did you eat the cake?
Thing 2: no, did you?

Bunson is alone on the moon peaking over the curve of the horizon.

Bunson is frolicking along on the moon.

Bunson is frolicking upside down on the moon and his ears have curled around in sproings.
Caption: When bunnies have too much sugar (and are on the moon)

53: Cake

For this comic I asked Kath Nyborg what sort of thing she wanted the Things to talk about and that led to this. I’ve been wanting to send the Things to the moon for some time now. Why? Science! Why is science my answer? Because the world, solar system and universe are amazing places.


Thing 2: we’re on the moon!

Thing 1: I brought cake!

Thing 2: I didn’t bring anything.

Thing 1: You brought your awesome!