Still Trying (Comic #104)

If this comic doesn’t make sense to you you might want to read comic 85 “try” first.

Sometimes it takes a lot of beating your head against the wall before you get anywhere. I’m still trying to master basic roller skating skills and frustrated by my slow developing skills and mental discipline (why can’t I do all the things now! Practicing is hard!)

Webcomic Transcript

The Things are in conversation.
Thing 2: I still can’t do it!

Thing 2: That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.

Thing 2 has turned themselves upside down into an awkward sort of jumble.
Thing 1: Have you done it?

Thing 2 is in a slightly less awkward and more geometrical shape, although they are standing on their own head.
Thing 2: You’d think I’d know by now!

100: Practice

Zomg! 100th comic!! It’s kinda exciting, kinda strange to think so much time has passed, so many comics have happened, and hopefully this is just the start of the journey for the things.

I tried do a big elaborate pinup plus process video for the 100th comic, but software crashed and deleted my process scribbles, plus random layers, and I wasn’t happy with how anything turned out anyway.

Today as I was walking to breakfast with my sweetie I found myself thinking about practice, practice in many different parts of my life and how much I struggle sticking to a practice schedule… I struggle and I could say I suck, but then I thought about all the practice schedules I have stuck with, especially the ones with external motivators. I thought about what Chip Delaney said in one of his essays somewhere, we are what we practice.

Practice is so hard and practice in one thing builds practice muscles for other things… And so I came up with today’s comic. The Things have been an ongoing practice for many months (a year come the end of June). I have not always practiced them consistently, but I try. I’m learning to build my rhythm, learning to be ok with not being perfect, learning to sit with the knowledge that maybe none of my comics will be as good as some of my early comics like Belief or Bad or Thinking or Vulnerable, but if I keep creating who knows what other surprises will come round the corner… I didn’t know those comics were coming to me until they happened, so I just have to keep going and keep discovering and keep wondering what the Things will teach me next.

Thank you for helping me in my practice, may you travel well in yours.


Thing 2: I’m going to practice!

Thing 1: Practice what?

Thing 2: Practicing

Thing 2: it’s really hard

Thing 1: I admire you