135: Hats

I like hats.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a tutu, but I think I would like it too.

I did own ballet slippers when I was small. I had practice scuffs, but I loved the pretty ones like in the books and that some special kids got. When my parents gave me fancy ones with peach ribbons I could tie around my legs I was so happy. They were the most beautiful objects in the world.

134: Juggling

133: Begin

This was inspired by a number of recent events where I’ve encountered folks not wanting to do stuff because they might get it wrong/not get things right the first time. Fear is the mind killer. It’s easy to be scared, but sometimes you just have to take risks and remember it’s a first draft. A first draft is essential if you want to have a second draft.


Thing 1: If you don’t write a first draft, you’ll never have a novel.

Thing 2: I said I don’t know if I should juggle!

Thing 1: Same thing

Thing 2: Yeah

132: Lifestyle Advice a Small Pink Bunny Will Not Give


Narrator: Advice: every stick as two ends

Bunson Hoppydew looks at a forked stick with three ends.
Bunson: Huh?

Narrator: Well, if you snapped the stick small enough…

Bunson pats the stick with protective concern.
Bunson: Why would you snap my stick?