55: Cake part 3


Bunson Hoppydew looking out at the viewer, one pupil is a little dilated and he looks a bit droopy.

Bunson with his head flopped forwards.

Bunson has jerked his head upright but his eyes are unsteady and he doesn’t look well.

Bunson with Sock resting across his eyes. Bunson is smiling.
Caption: Sugar crash

52: Dreams


The Things, Bunson Hoppydew, Sock, Boot and Skate are all snoozing happily together.
We Dream of You

50: Sleep


Thing 1: zzz
Thing 2: I can’t sleep

Thing 1: zzz
Thing 2: I’m too sad too worried too grumpy too stupid too lazy too tired + not enough

Thing 1: zzz
Thing 2: Things I have done + haven’t done I don’t know what to do

Thing 1: zzzz
Thing 1 snuggles onto Thing 2 in its sleep. Thing 2 smiles.