Booping Bunnies

Bunson liked yesterday’s comic.

Image Description

Stuffed toy BuNSOn Hoppydew, a beloved mascot of Roller Derby Officiating is looking at an iPad that has a drawing of yesterday’s comic on it, Real Things Head Boop Bunnies.

Roller Derby Side-note

BuNSOn Hoppydew (the NSO in his stuffed toy form is capitalized to represent NSOs, Non Skating Officials) is very proud to be a roller derby mascot and has travelled the world in this capacity. Non Skating Officials are the folks who keep track of penalties, use stop watches a lot and sort of act as the long term memory of the Referees who zoom about on rollerskates and don’t have a lot of time to write things down.

121: Real Things (BOOP 2)

Yes, this was inspired by this 🙂


Thing 1 is bowing down to to gently head boop Bunson Hoppydew. Thing 2 smiles and looks on.
Real Things head boop bunnies

120: Sad

Nine months before A Sad came to be on February 18, 2014 the Things were already exploring having “a sad” and how to provide comfort. With the right person and the right vibe, a bit of booping comfort can be quite nice.

Man bending his head down to be head booped by a truly delighted kitten. Caption reads "Real men head boop bunnies"
Man bending his head down to be head booped by a truly delighted kitten. Caption reads “Real men head boop bunnies”

And here’s some more. I like head boops.


Thing 1: I have a sad
Thing 2: Can I help?

Thing 1 just stares into space, looking sad.

Thing 2 boops their head onto Thing 1’s chest.
SFX: Boop!

Thing 1 looks up and smiles a little. Thing 2 keeps their head in place.

116: Sliding Giff

The Things creator has updated her main website. If you haven’t already seen it she’s curious to know what you think. Do you like the new theme? It seems to eat bullet points for breakfast and she hasn’t found a way to make it spit them out. She’s not sure if that’s a minor complaint or a major one. She knows that gazing at the css editor hasn’t helped, it mentions <li> and <ul> a gazillion times in ways she doesn’t really understand.

Evidence (Comic #115)

Belief was one of the first comics I drew about the Things and I think it will always be one of my favorites. It was nice to revisit and old friend and mind blowing to look at the art I drew a year ago.

Webcomic Transcript

Thing 1: Do you believe in me?
Thing 2: No

Thing 2: I have evidence.

Thing 1: Is it nice evidence?

The Thing rest their head on each other.
Thing 2: Yes.

114: Flowering Pot

I drew a bunch of flip book things on a plane when I first started this project. Sadly, at around the same time my copy of photoshop died after installation stupidity that killed my registration code. I’ve been trying to find an alternative, wrestling with gimp, wandering around different possibilities, but I just get all confused and sad. Now I just draw everything on my iPad and life is easier! I’m sure I’ll get on top of it one of these days, but transferring stuff from one medium to the other gives me melancholic feelings at the best of times. Anyhow, I hope this early Things Without animated giff entertains.

113: Spoing!

BuNSOn’s pretty good at finding things 🙂


Bunson Hoppydew is dancing everywhere. His ears a twirling around each other, he’s dancing upside down and all over the place. SFX: SPOING! Thing 1 and Thing 2 are in the middle of this. Thing 1: Bunny seems happy. The Things look up at Bunson’s froclicking. Thing 2: That”s how bunnies are.

111: Wait Nine Seconds – Part 3

How are you feeling?


Thing 1: I have an answer Thing 2: How are you feeling? Thing 1: I’m feeling the ground beneath my feet, soft pebbles & gritty sand. My belly feels purple…and yellow. Thing 1: My left eye is a little lonely & scratchy, but my right eye is happy. And I’m glad you asked.

110: Wait Nine Seconds – Part 2


Thing 2: Are you still thinking about the question? The Things look at each other. Thing 1: yes Thing 2: me too!