Celebrate Diverse Beauty (Comic #573)

This comic is inspired by Aikido and the desire to celebrate beauty more diversely. I told someone at my dojo how beautiful his sword work was. I think platonic beauty is not a compliment men get often, which is a bit sad. I tried to explain it, I don’t think I did a great job, though I added “it’s so pretty!” to my explanation. There is a beauty in focus, attention and purpose. A beauty being absolutely present to the thingness of things, the strength, wisdom and skill to attend to it. It’s pretty! And exciting! We should celebrate beauty more in all its forms and for all genders. And so, when it came to embodying that ideal in a comic, who better than Bunson and Boot?

Celebrate Diverse Beauty Comic Transcript

Bunson: I think you’re beautiful Boot: What? Why would you say that? Bunson: Because it’s true! Boot: What does beauty mean to you? Bunson: I like how you focus on stuff dn do stuff. When you zoom you zoom. When you spend time with me you spend time with me. Bunson: It’s lovely and pretty. Bunson: Boop! Bunson frolics away Boot: Beautiful… lovely … pretty… Thanks to all my patrons and special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Matthew Noe, Sandra M. Odell and Erik Owomoyela.

Booping Bunnies

Bunson liked yesterday’s comic.

Image Description

Stuffed toy BuNSOn Hoppydew, a beloved mascot of Roller Derby Officiating is looking at an iPad that has a drawing of yesterday’s comic on it, Real Things Head Boop Bunnies.

Roller Derby Side-note

BuNSOn Hoppydew (the NSO in his stuffed toy form is capitalized to represent NSOs, Non Skating Officials) is very proud to be a roller derby mascot and has travelled the world in this capacity. Non Skating Officials are the folks who keep track of penalties, use stop watches a lot and sort of act as the long term memory of the Referees who zoom about on rollerskates and don’t have a lot of time to write things down.

121: Real Things (BOOP 2)

Yes, this was inspired by this 🙂


Thing 1 is bowing down to to gently head boop Bunson Hoppydew. Thing 2 smiles and looks on. Real Things head boop bunnies

119: Lifestyle Advice from a Small Pink Bunny, Part Four. One

For some reason this comic makes me think of Minute Physics. I like that show. Now they have a thing called Minute Earth too… and there are versions in Spanish too. Yay!


Bunson Hoppydew is sitting by himself. Bunson: It takes one to know one. Bunson: So if you don’t know one Bunson: You might know zero or twelve or a googleplex! Bunson dances around. SFX: Spoing Bunson: Wheeee! Bunson sits down next to a large #1 Bunson: Hello

113: Spoing!

BuNSOn’s pretty good at finding things 🙂


Bunson Hoppydew is dancing everywhere. His ears a twirling around each other, he’s dancing upside down and all over the place. SFX: SPOING! Thing 1 and Thing 2 are in the middle of this. Thing 1: Bunny seems happy. The Things look up at Bunson’s froclicking. Thing 2: That”s how bunnies are.