Booping Bunnies

Bunson liked yesterday’s comic.

Image Description

Stuffed toy BuNSOn Hoppydew, a beloved mascot of Roller Derby Officiating is looking at an iPad that has a drawing of yesterday’s comic on it, Real Things Head Boop Bunnies.

Roller Derby Side-note

BuNSOn Hoppydew (the NSO in his stuffed toy form is capitalized to represent NSOs, Non Skating Officials) is very proud to be a roller derby mascot and has travelled the world in this capacity. Non Skating Officials are the folks who keep track of penalties, use stop watches a lot and sort of act as the long term memory of the Referees who zoom about on rollerskates and don’t have a lot of time to write things down.

121: Real Things (BOOP 2)

Yes, this was inspired by this 🙂


Thing 1 is bowing down to to gently head boop Bunson Hoppydew. Thing 2 smiles and looks on. Real Things head boop bunnies

119: Lifestyle Advice from a Small Pink Bunny, Part Four. One

For some reason this comic makes me think of Minute Physics. I like that show. Now they have a thing called Minute Earth too… and there are versions in Spanish too. Yay!


Bunson Hoppydew is sitting by himself. Bunson: It takes one to know one. Bunson: So if you don’t know one Bunson: You might know zero or twelve or a googleplex! Bunson dances around. SFX: Spoing Bunson: Wheeee! Bunson sits down next to a large #1 Bunson: Hello

113: Spoing!

BuNSOn’s pretty good at finding things 🙂


Bunson Hoppydew is dancing everywhere. His ears a twirling around each other, he’s dancing upside down and all over the place. SFX: SPOING! Thing 1 and Thing 2 are in the middle of this. Thing 1: Bunny seems happy. The Things look up at Bunson’s froclicking. Thing 2: That”s how bunnies are.