449: What is this place?

Bunson is not afraid to ask the hard questions!


Bunson Hoppydew: What is this place?
Bunson: How can you be just eyes?

Eye 1: This is the space between worlds/
Eyes 2: We’re proto beings, the ness before the ness-ness, we are googly eyes

Bunson: Do you have cake?
Eyes 2: We don’t have mouths.

Bunson: So, no cake?
Eyes 1: Only when mouths visit.
Eyes 2: They only have lips and teeth, it gets very messy.

102: Lifestyle Advice from a Small Pink Bunny


Bunson: chase your dreams

Bunson: and when you catch them

Bunson: say tag you’re it!




55: Cake part 3


Bunson Hoppydew looking out at the viewer, one pupil is a little dilated and he looks a bit droopy.

Bunson with his head flopped forwards.

Bunson has jerked his head upright but his eyes are unsteady and he doesn’t look well.

Bunson with Sock resting across his eyes. Bunson is smiling.
Caption: Sugar crash

54: Cake part 2


The Things are on the moon, the earth is rising behind them. Bunson is in the background eating a slice of cake.
Thing 1: Did you eat the cake?
Thing 2: no, did you?

Bunson is alone on the moon peaking over the curve of the horizon.

Bunson is frolicking along on the moon.

Bunson is frolicking upside down on the moon and his ears have curled around in sproings.
Caption: When bunnies have too much sugar (and are on the moon)