180: A Letter from Fran – PART FOUR (the conclusion?)

I drew this a few moments ago, lying on a bed in New Orleans! I’ve been traveling with my sister ever since Worldcon and am now staying at a super sweet Air BnB in Bywater.

It’s such a pretty place and our host is so nice. It makes me want to go back through my old posts and write about the places I was when I drew comics on the road… indeed I shall, there are good people who need to be celebrated. I’ll let you know when I do that. Right now I think I need some nom nom things in my face parts.


Thing 1: How… I… eat

Thing 2: With nom nom mouth parts

Thing 1: Then down the wobbly gubble hubble

Thing 2: Into the belly glow

179: A Letter from Fran – PART THREE

Ah food, if there’s anything that gets us talking and dreaming it’s this stuff of life.

Life’s pretty mysterious and intriguing once you start looking.


Thing 2: You eat Things!

Thing 1: I eat things, not Things
Thing 2: phew

Thing 2: how do we eat?
Thing 1: ummm

178: A Letter from Fran – PART TWO

Stay tuned for part three. Who would have thought such a small letter would have sparked a multipart series!

Things eating spoons.

177: A Letter from Fran – PART ONE

Thank you worldcon magic and meeting people in real life. It has been incredible seeing people read the comics in real life. I love mini comics!

Fran Wilde, food blogger extraordinaire and novelist sent a short note to the Things this morning and that has inspired several comics. More to come on Thursday.

This comic has a few references from previous comics. The Things often like to stare at things. Most traditionally the sun (and the sun) although they also hang out with the moon.

They also had fun during Mary Robinette Kowal’s Letter Writing Month (month of letters).