421: Return of the revenge of Hands! Part One

And now you know what bunnies do on their day off!

Hands first appeared way back in comic 107, a brief weird two comic encounter before re-emerging in comic 125. Last we saw them they were sheltering under a cardboard box!


Thing 2: The hand!

Thing 1: The hand is back!

Thing 1: The hole is getting bigger.

Thing 2: Bunson knows how to stop it.

Thing 1: Bunson!

Thing 2: Bunson!

Thing 2: Where are you?

Cut to Bunson listening to loud music on his headphones while dancing along a rainbow.


to be continued…

125: HANDS!!!

Armargaaaaarhd, the hands are still here!!

108: funny bunny

Kylie asked for deformed rabbit, see what you have done?

My own shadow puppets are little bit more melancholic.


Bunson Hoppydew is looking and a hand coming out of a hole in the ground. The hand is held in a bunny position:
Bunson: Hello

Bunson: Funny bunny

The hand has crooked one of it’s “ears” towards Bunson

The hand has straightened out to look like a hand, a hand in the world of things without arms and without legs!
Bunson: Bunny?