Lifestyle from a Small Pink Bunny – Music and Dancing (Comic #199)

Twelfth Night humor makes me giggle, but this might be the equivalent of a bad dad joke.

Lifestyle Advice Comic Transcript

Bunson Hoppydew (a little pink bunny, he likes dancing, friendship and cake) is sitting happily.
Bunson: If music is the food of love.

Bunson looks thoughtful: What does that make dancing?

Bunson stares out of us, with a smile on his face.
Bunson: I guess I’ll just have excess of it and see what we get tired of!

Bunson spoings and dances and spins around in the air. He twirls his ears and frolicks about creatively.

Caption: Still dancing

103: Lifestyle Advice from a Small Pink Bunny, Part 2

Lettuce feeding advice for bunnies.


Bunson: In the adventure of life don’t forget to stop and eat the lettuce Bunson eats some lettuce. Bunson: But not so much that you get runny poop spoing poink! nom

102: Lifestyle Advice from a Small Pink Bunny


Bunson: chase your dreams Bunson: and when you catch them Bunson: say tag you’re it! spoing whee! nom