134: Juggling

133: Begin

This was inspired by a number of recent events where I’ve encountered folks not wanting to do stuff because they might get it wrong/not get things right the first time. Fear is the mind killer. It’s easy to be scared, but sometimes you just have to take risks and remember it’s a first draft. A first draft is essential if you want to have a second draft.


Thing 1: If you don’t write a first draft, you’ll never have a novel.

Thing 2: I said I don’t know if I should juggle!

Thing 1: Same thing

Thing 2: Yeah

Still Trying (Comic #104)

If this comic doesn’t make sense to you you might want to read comic 85 “try” first.

Sometimes it takes a lot of beating your head against the wall before you get anywhere. I’m still trying to master basic roller skating skills and frustrated by my slow developing skills and mental discipline (why can’t I do all the things now! Practicing is hard!)

Webcomic Transcript

The Things are in conversation.
Thing 2: I still can’t do it!

Thing 2: That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.

Thing 2 has turned themselves upside down into an awkward sort of jumble.
Thing 1: Have you done it?

Thing 2 is in a slightly less awkward and more geometrical shape, although they are standing on their own head.
Thing 2: You’d think I’d know by now!

85: Try

Their creator came up with this phrase while learning skating skills valuable in Roller Derby (trying to master transitions aka mowhawks), so a shout out of love to the fun learning environments of Potential Fresh Meat and Rat City’s Recreational Program. She’s in awe and terror of figure skaters who learn how to do this stuff without ALL THE PROTECTIVE GEAR.


Thing 2: I can’t do it!

Thing 2: That doesn’t mean I should’t try

Thing 1: have you done it?

Thing 2: I don’t know