510: When you can’t fix it

That feeling that you’ve mucked up and can’t fix it is such an awful sensation. Missing a flight, turning up a day late for an event, turning up in an empty space and not knowing if you’ve mucked up or if everyone else is late. Just thinking about those sensations can make a person all wibbly. I hate the feeling of wrongness that can descend.

Thank heavens that chatting to the right person is such a great reality check. To listen and empathize, while grounding and not adding to the spiral is one of those precious skills that can always be cultivated, and appreciated in others.

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4 thoughts on “510: When you can’t fix it

  1. Lovely comic, and one I can very much relate to. However my favourite bit is the poor, jagged looking Thing in the first frame. Made me laugh.

    1. 🙂 I’ve been drawing with ink brushes more and I love how that has been bringing more fun texture to the things, even when I’m drawing digitally!

  2. Dear Things, I would be lost without you.

    1. Dear Sharon, thank you so much for popping in and saying how much the things mean to you. I’m sure you would find a way without the things, for folks are so mighty… but good travelling companions can make all the difference and we’re so glad if we can make the woods just a little bit kinder.

      Sometimes I draw the things, just so I can hang out with them, we’re glad you can hang out with us too <3

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