Dogs (Comic #162)

Pumpkin Cat is not amused.

I think that's how my Dad draws dogs, it's been a while. I certainly remember carefully observing his technique and then duplicating it while making various proportions more extreme. He drew a crest for me with a dog on it and a hand grabbing, it said Carpe Canem (seize the dog).


This is how Liz draws a dog

It's based on how her dad draws dogs

Sadly there are no dogs in this comic

... yet

Pumpkin Cat: cshrnoo shrrro arrrr marrr hmarr

One thought on “Dogs (Comic #162)

  1. I still start most of my cute random pictures in the way that my mother did. I think it’s nice, almost homage. Looking forward to meeting “Dog”.
    (Also deserting all but bird based social networks… does “Things” have a twitter feed?)

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