A Letter from Fran – PART TWO (Comic #178)

Stay tuned for part three. Who would have thought such a small letter would have sparked a multipart series!

Things eating spoons.

Thing 2: What does it say?

Thing 1: I'm digesting

Thought bubble from Fran: Dear Things, Do you eat? HOW? Love, ME (Fran)

Thing 1: I eat letters and spoons and things

Thing 2: THINGS!

3 thoughts on “A Letter from Fran – PART TWO (Comic #178)

  1. Things eating things is indeed a distressing concept. I am so glad you’ve received powerful inspiration! Big hugs!

  2. The timing was amazing. I was sitting down with a bunch of amorphous ideas, but nothing really working. I thought, maybe 15 minutes on the internet would help me discover what I want to talk about and there it was in my inbox!

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