Unresolved Conflict With a Sock, Part 1 (Comic #295)

In October 2012 sock sat on electric fence as part of the "Do Not Lick The Electric Fence" theme I was exploring. This led to an unresolved conflict with a sock. I was going to do more with it, but it's hard when feelings and relationships are complicated and I just couldn't get it right. Now, two years on, one of the Things is trying to articulate how betrayed they feel about how Sock encouraged them and just let them lick the electric fence. Sometimes it takes a little time.


Thing 1 talks to Sock

Thing 1: Hello sock

Thing 1: We have an unresolved conflict and I don't know what to do with it.

Thing 1: Should we talk about it? It's been years. I think I should be better at letting it go.

Sock is suddenly sitting on an electric fence.

Thing 1: Where did you get that electric fence?!?