Easy (Comic #245)

Oh me oh my, this is so easy to do!

I'm wrestling with the concept of ease and easy. They're quite fluid things when you think about it... Plus full of societal norms and expectations - the pressures of what 'should' be easy and the sense of failure when we fail to live up to what is expected to be easy. Similarly we are sometimes sabotaged by perceptions that something is hard, when it isn't really, it's just that the baggage around it is hard... And yet the baggage is real and wrestling with it is real and so perhaps the hardness is real, just of a different nature.

Anyway, easy and hard are concepts I'm playing with. I'm wrestling with them and it is easy and hard... Or rather it feels easy because the nature of the difficulty is pleasurable, although it is hard to not be self conscious about it and that creates a sense of hardness, but not so much because I have such joy in the process and my readers that I am (mostly) sure they won't mind the journey.

I have no certainty you, my dear readers will think it's fabulous, I never know what will be resonant and what won't be, but I do know that if you keep tolerating me and I keep drawing we should have some nice adventures together and hopefully you will feel your time is well spent enough or at least not wasted and these thoughts make things easier. Just as permission to write run on sentences that ramble makes me feel a little bit safer too! Perhaps because stream of consciousness writing does not have to be perfect and I feel safer with process than a pristine something ... I've always leaned towards the grubby, I've practiced it and I feel I'm good at it!

Edit: And thanks to Les R. Evil for spotting the typo, phew!

Easy Comic Transcript

Thing 1 and 2 are in conversation.

Thing 1: Why are the easy things, so very hard?

Thing 2: Why do you keep redefining easy, as anything you work hard to achieve?

3 thoughts on “Easy (Comic #245)

  1. Ack! Love this. I think I may need to print it out and put it over my desk.

  2. It’s much clearer if you remember the distinction between “easy” and “simple” — e.g. lifting the engine out of a car is very simple, but not easy at all (as opposed to providing friendship, which is quite complex but often not difficult at all).

    Nicht wahr?

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