Attending to the Work (Comic #334)

I struggled with ideas the last few days! Gotta keep pushing!


Bunson Hoppydew (a little pink bunny, he likes dancing, friendship and cake) smiles at us.

Narrator: Do not depend on the muse to create.

Bunson body surfs in a wave.

Narrator: Attend to the work, to catch the wave and be in the flow.

Step 1: Get into the ocean, you can't catch the flow if you never dive in.

Attend to the work, scratch your head throw out compost many ideas.

Bunson lands on his head, but he's smiling.

Narrator: BUNNIES

Bunson smiles and looks up at the words.

Bunson sits and smiles at us:

Bunson: hello

Narrator: People like bunnies, don't they?