Happy Holidays? (Comic #578)

Thing 1: We’re on holidays.
Thing 2: Are we doing it right?
Thing 1: To get it right, I think we’re not supposed to stress about getting it right.
Thing 2: I guess I’m not very good at holidays.

I’m better at holidays than I used to be, but it’s so easy for holidays to be a source of anxiety! So many decisions and they’re all equal and maybe just stare into space in a hotel room for two hours instead. Ah well, life is a process and many things require practice before you get good at it.

We were staying with friends for a bit and I don’t think they realize how close I came to just spending a day tending to their garden rather than exploring a whole new country... and part of me wishes I had tended to their garden for a day, because what’s not to love about that? Stupid opportunity costs!