Rubberband (Comic #605)

This comic was inspired by seeing Hannah Gadsby’s latest show, Douglas (live tour right now, and a fantastic thing) on Saturday, and then finally seeing Nanette on Sunday. Gadsby is hilarious, poignant, just my kind of comedy. Some day I hope she and Eddie Izzard get to compete against each other in the Great British Bake Off.

I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at a comedy show. Maybe I never have. And I had to bite my lip not to yell out my love for Gadsby’s gorgeous faced dog, Doug. I’m glad I watched Nanette knowing Gadsby would go on to create another show, keep on keeping on. How lovely to see a master of the craft bring joy and seeing and dialogue that is important to the stage. She tells humanizing narratives, and I hope folks have the vocabulary to see and feel more after they watch her shows.

As you can see from this comic, she also writes about pain, creates space for that to be seen... and had me thinking of Boot saying this. And maybe a little Kate Bush stuck in my head.

Boot: Some people are expected to be resilient.

To be rubber band elastic entities.

And some people see that resilience and think how much I can stretch that band?

Some people see rubber bands growing weary, getting worn or have weaknes and think, how much more would it take to break that band?

For some, the pain of others is a game.

What a waste of time.

What a numbing of humanity.


Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Mike Decuir, Lisa Jenkins, Kate Webb, Matthew Noe, and Erik Owomoyela.