Thinking Things (Comic #76)

I'm sorry my update schedule fell apart! I went to World Fantasy Con in Toronto, and it had a bigger impact on my comics than I had anticipated. I got home late late last night and it was hard to start drawing again... I feel all scared and scrawly and newborn babe-ish. I had to face my own little hater and just draw something!

Fear really is the mind killer. Facing the blank page part of me was convinced I would never have an idea again. Now that I've drawn something I feel like, well, maybe tomorrow I'll have a better idea, and maybe the day after that I'll have a really good idea and it no longer seems impossible.

Sometimes the line between impossible and can do is surprisingly thin.

Thanks for your time, let's keep walking our roads and making our art (in all its diversity).

Hugs and goodnight.


Thing 2: What are you doing?

Thing 1: I’m thinking of things to think.
Thing 2: Is that fun?

Thing 1: I don't know

Thing 1: I haven't thought about it