Letters (Comic #86)

Dear lovelies,

This comic was inspired by Mary Robinette Kowal's month of letters. It's quite a bit of fun. I haven't managed to write a letter every day the post runs, but I've come close. We're half way through February, but you can still join in, as long as you write more letters this month than you normally would you win!

I like writing letters, it's a nice way to spend time thinking about people I care about, feeling grateful and reflective. I can make it anxiety inducing and toxic (oh no! not achieving goals, haven't replied! There are so many people I want to write to and I haven't!), but that's another opportunity to step back and just do what I can.

No one has to write letters these days (well, seldom) and when I write I don't really expect a reply (though I'm delighted when I get one). After all, who writes letters these days? ;) It's kind of a low stress, tangible, meditative way of caring about people - trying to think about what news or reflections might entertain them and what questions they might enjoy answering (good questions are hard!). Writing letters by hand adds a nice physical element and makes it a special space.

Wishing you a happy February and joyful social contact with people, be it in physical space, internet space or in the world of parchment, ink and quill.




Thing 1 is holding a letter in their mouth.
Thing 1: merfhm mrrmrr mrr
Thing 2: what?

Thing 2 is now holding the letter in their mouth.
Thing 1: I wrote you a letter
Thing 2: mmfhmm

Thing 2 has swallowed the letter and it is sticking out like an internal bowtie.

Thing 2: It’s delicious