Legs Appear (Comic #24)

BuNSOn Hoppydew - this comic is for you.

I'm exploring new iPad software called Procreate. It seems to be much more stable than Sketchbook, but - well as you can see it's a struggle and it doesn't seem to like exporting as a particularly high res image. Still, it's a process and I'm happy to be learning. I've spent a whole day redrawing Things comics and trying to figure out line weights, so hopefully you'll forgive me for not redrawing this one again.


Thing 1 & Thing 2: We have no arms and no legs

Bunson: I have legs

*Bunson wears sock on head; Things smile*

One thought on “Legs Appear (Comic #24)

  1. Hah hah, cute. Socks need bunnies!

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