Boot isn’t the only one to have thoughts about curves! (Comic #652)

Knock knock

Who's there

Interrupting Cow

Interrupting Cow wh..?


As a kid that was probably one of my favorite jokes, especially because if you were little it was easy to get the timing wrong and not interrupt. It was so exciting building up all the energy to go moo! in time.

I think the new doodle character in the Things has a little bit of interrupting cow energy. It's not mean, but it unexpectedly pops itself into things. I'm looking forward to exploring it's new surreal energy in the comics. It's also interesting to have a new character that has... HANDS!!!!


Doodle Creature: Curves are pretty cool!

Boot: Who are you?

Doodle Creature stands there in silence with a smile on its face.

Doodle Creature: I get that a lot!


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