Creativity with Bunson Hoppydew – Old Plans (Comic #693)

Plans can be helpful, they can provide trajectory, purpose and achievements, and yet life seldom goes according to plans. It can be hard work sometimes, forgiving yourself for life not going to plan, but even the plans that never come close to coming true can provide us with surprising materials to work with. Self-forgiveness, seeing the beauty in old plans even if they will never come to be, can create pathways for new art and new dreams.

Lifestyle Advice from a Small Pink Bunny mees Creativity with Bunson Hoppydew!

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Plans Comic Transcript

Bunson is sitting and holding a piece of paper in his paw.

Piece of paper: Plan – some really great ideas, things (the rest of the words are obscured by Bunson’s paw

Bunson: Life doesn’t always go to plan

Big noisy lines charging in from above. Bunson looks a bit shaken.

Piece of paper: Plan, Planity Plan Plan Plan things stuff!

Bunson, looking up at the scary noisy lines: This changes everything!

The big scary lines have gone away. Bunson is standing and painting a smiling sun on a piece of paper.

Bunson: So I paint on the backs of old plans. I don’t just throw them away.

Bunson frolics and dances around happily.

Bunson sits down and gazes off into the distance.

Bunson: The paper is really nice.

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