Plans Comic Transcript Bunson is sitting and holding a piece of paper in his paw. Piece of paper: Plan – some really great ideas, things (the rest of the words are obscured by Bunson’s paw Bunson: Life doesn’t always go to plan Big noisy lines charging in from above. Bunson looks a bit shaken. Piece of paper: Plan, Planity Plan Plan Plan things stuff! Bunson, looking up at the scary noisy lines: This changes everything! The big scary lines have gone away. Bunson is standing and painting a smiling sun on a piece of paper. Bunson: So I paint on the backs of old plans. I don’t just throw them away. Bunson frolics and dances around happily. Bunson sits down and gazes off into the distance. Bunson: The paper is really nice.

Published On: October 15, 2021

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