Creativity with Bunson Hoppydew – Make Poetry (Comic #694)

One of the things I love about creating in different mediums, styles and genres is how the different art forms feed into each other. For me, comics has a very close relationship with poetry… I might even exert more poetic discipline when drawing a comic compared to a poem. My poems are often expressive wild things, while my comics ask me to chew over a comic and create a potent distillate.

I love how different art forms, and different life experiences, can feed into art and make it richer.

Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela and Sandra M. Odell.

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How to Write Poetry with Bunson Hoppydew.

Bunson Hoppydew, a pink bunny who likes dancing friendship and cake, is excitedly looking at us.

Bunson: Look at all my amazing drawing advice

Bunson is sitting down and writing “There is was a duck in a thicket.”

Bunson: Now do it with lines of poetry, not drawn lines.

Caption: Write a line you might want to call bad.

Bunson pats the writing.

Bunson: Hello new lines, nice to meet you.

Bunson: I like how playful you are.

Bunson dancing and spoinging through the air.

Bunson sits down and smiles.

Caption: Poetry is for everyone.

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