Survival of the Most Collaborative – Part 1 (Comic #695)

When I’m feeling down, thinking about how small I am in the universe helps.

Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela and Sandra M. Odell.

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Collaborative Comic Transcript

Page 1

The Things are hanging out together.

Thing 1 is staring up into the sky and has some tears welling.

Thing 2 is looking at Thing 1 with a little concern.

Thing 2: You ok?

Thing 1 is smiling, if looking a little wobbly.

Thing 1: Yeah… I’m just a little overwhelmed.

Thing 1: Isn’t it amazing that our ability to even perceive our existence comes from survival of the most collaborative?

Close up on Thing 1: Particles, cells, biomes… where things survive and are complex enough to be perceived it is because of the most profound and remarkable collaboration.

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