Sock and Boot do Stuff (Comic #682)

Did you know that the only reason Boot is in my comic is because of Sock? Writing can be such an act of discovery.

Sock came along because of a conversation on Twitter with Annalee Newitz. That was way back in Comic 15!

And once there was a sock, I knew they needed something and I knew no one was going to wear sock, it wasn't feet that the Sock needed, it was a Boot. This made me feel very clever at the time, although I'm not sure everyone understood the implied feet that set up the joke that we were going to have a boot materialize instead of putting feet or legs in the comic (shock horror!)

So Boot appeared in Comic 16 and has been bestest buds with Sock ever since. Sock hasn't been in as many comics as Boot, perhaps they're busy flying with their flock of single socks, but Sock will always an important and essential part of the Things.

Sock and Boot Comic Transcript

Boot, a well rounded work boot, and Sock, an orange and yellow sock are hanging out together.

Boot: Hey sock

Boot: I've missed you.

Boot: Socks and boots often do stuff together.

Boot: So...

Boot: Wanna go to a movie?

Sock bounces up in the air.

Sock sits on top of Boot and they zoom off together.


Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela and Sandra M. Odell.

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