The Perils of Tidy (Comic #721)

It me.

I’m sorry things are rough right now. I feel bad not engaging with the bad stuff more. Life has sucked energy out of so many of is. Comic 600, from back in 2019 was about bodily autonomy… all full of celebration, back before people who refused to wear masks stole the term. It feels strange looking back on it . Big hugs to folks.

Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela, Sandra M. Odell and Stuart Barrow.

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Perils of Tidy Transcript

Little Liz is surrounded by boxes of messy stuff.

Liz: Oh, this is a good book.

Little Liz has different junk around her and a board in her hands. She is wearing a Santa hat with an arrow pointed at it which says “not Christmas time”

Little Liz: I should paint this board with primer.

Liz is behind a different pile of stuff. Dog has arrived.

Dog: Wow, what a mess!

Little Liz: I’m doing the messiest of all things.

Liz emerges from behind the stuff and has fabric draped over her hair.

Little Liz: I’m cleaning my room.

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