Guest comics from Andy Romine ALL NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!

Andy (Andrew Penn) Romine has just finished working on Disney’s Big Hero 6

and next week you get to see his take on the Things. Andy’s generally a 3D animator guy, so we’re excited about seeing his take on some folks that are pretty two dimensional!

Andy did Clarion West in Seattle 2010 (Liz is Clarion at UCSD in 2009) and they both went to Launchpad Astronomy Workshop in 2013. He’s a super nice guy with nifty brains too and he makes excellent beverages. Andy’s fiction appears online at Lightspeed Magazine, Paizo and Crossed Genres as well as in the anthologies Fungi, What Fates Impose, By Faerie Light and the forthcoming Coins of Chaos. You can find his full list of publications at the Bibliography link.

He’s also contributed articles to Lightspeed Magazine and Fantasy Magazine and blogs at Inkpunks and at Functional Nerds (as the Booze Nerd). You can also follow his day-to-day adventures on Twitter: @inkgorilla. A lot of this info was stolen from his About page, go check out his website.

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