Joyfully Uncanny Things Need Your Kickstarter Support

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In March I read a short story by Kat Howard over at Uncanny Magazine called Translatio Corpus. I liked the story so much that the Things responded to it.

Kat Howard's Uncanny Magazine story is responded to be things webcomic characters
This is also a call back to one of the earliest Things comic, Spoons!


After a very successful first year Uncanny is running a Kickstarter to support year two (and asking for a lot less money as wonderful Patreons and Weightless Books e-subscribers come on board). They would like your money and will use it to bring more wonderful diverse stories, poems and non-fiction to the world.

If Uncanny makes it through all the stretch goals there will be a Things Respond to Fiction comic for EVERY EPISODE. We are so excited about this on so many levels. We are so honored to be part of the Kickstarter. Less than 10K to go at 16 days, not an easy goal, but most definitely doable. Join the Space Unicorn Corps! Go check out the Kickstarter!

Things Webcomic #14, back when I was learning how to do everything… so some things don’t change in 13 years, still needing to learn everything!

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