Neck (Comic #714)

Neck Webcomic - full transcript below

This is the start of a comic series that’s about some severe neck pain I experienced last year. I’ve been hesitant to share it. It’s not as cheerful as many Things comics, but it has a good story arch, eventually! Self-care can be tricky sometimes if you’re prone to hyperfocus. The little things like heat pack, tiger balm, or taking small breaks to stretch while using a computer. These are such crunchy and meaningful acts of self-care, they don’t take a lot of money or time, but the emotional load to be present enough to do that can be tricky sometimes!

I’ve been uncomfortable talking about certain kinds of pain, which is interesting, given the Things are often at their best when touching on places of discomfort… but normally there is an uplifting or kind resolution in within a single experience. Little Liz is telling stories in a slightly longer form. It’s a bit vulnerable and uncomfortable, but that is the way of art sometimes! I hope you enjoy spending more time with the Liz.

Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela, Sandra M. Odell and Stuart Barrow.

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Neck Comic Transcript

Little Liz is standing by herself.

Liz: My doctor told me

To put a post it on my computer that says heatpack, tiger balm, stop to breathe.

Just because I can live with a pain doesn’t mean I should just ignore it.

Liz stands in silence looking awkward for a moment.

Liz: So I drew a comic about it. That’s basically the same, yeah?

My neck says so.